Answers to common questions

What if the location to fly is in a controlled airspace

Before we fly, we check if the location is in a controlled airspace using a mapping system.  If so, we must seek an authorization through the FAA and other Controlling entities.  Once an authorization is granted, their are usually more restrictive guidelines that have to be followed such as distance and altitude from the subject.

How high can you fly?

Part 107 requires that an SUAS operator cannot fly above 400 feet agl (above ground level).  The exception to this rule is that as long as you are within 400 feet of a structure, you can fly up to 400 ft above that structure.  Sounds confusing I know.  Let’s say you are inspecting a cell tower that is 350 ft tall. As long as you are within 400 feet of the tower, you can fly at a max of 400 ft above that tower. In this situation, You could fly 750 ft agl.

Am I required to have a UAS License to take drone pictures for real estate even if not getting paid?

Yes.  The FAA even addresses this specifically.  Many folks are probably doing it now….. but at a big risk.  The FAA can not only fine you for doing this, but even if you hire an unlicensed drone operator for a commercial purpose, then you as the agent can be held liable too.